Noel Samot is an artist born in Lima, Peru and currently residing in Florida, USA. Their creative journey began with a formal education as an architect at Ricardo Palma University.

Although faced with the decision to choose between architecture and art, Noel Samot never truly abandoned their innate passion for artistic expression developing a self-taught methodology, a personal artistic language that serves as a means to release stress and authentically express their innermost thoughts and emotions. Through their art, Samot found a powerful outlet for self-reflection and exploration.

His art is clearly influenced by their academic background that infuses their creations with a sense of structure and design. The principles of balance, form, and composition merge harmoniously, giving birth to visually captivating pieces that evoke deep emotional responses.

Holder of a style of intricate and distinctive style of detailed filigree, Noel Samot skillfully interprets emotions and stories, transforming them into compelling images.

Immerse yourself in their extraordinary creations that challenge perceptions and invite contemplation.

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